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Hilary Ng

Youth Mentor (Marketing)

Hilary is a fresh graduate from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with the passion in marketing, music and social initiatives, especially in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Hilary is driven to make positive social impacts and worked in different non-governmental organizations with a specialization in marketing and event management. Throughout the half-year journey upon graduation, she has already executed 20 arts and cultural events as well as curated an Open Day event at a grade 1 historical site in Hong Kong, with the aim to create collective memories with Hong Kong residents.

She has been working in the marketing department, with experiences in content planning and content creation, along with social media management, design, and photography. She is eager to learn and strives to become a marketing professional in 5 years by equipping herself with different marketing skill sets and broadening her experiences in different fields.


As the youngest member of The Young Leaders Platform, Hilary wishes to provide the team with new insights into the youth program that is tailor-made for students in Hong Kong. She is also very keen on sharing her journey and guiding her mentees in the program, hoping to unleash the full potential of all candidates.

+852 9381 0531

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