Alice Lopin

Executive Coach

Alice Lopin’s experience has taught her that when leaders unlock their ability to inspire, empower their people to flourish into the greatest version of themselves, and create a deeply inclusive environment, the workplace becomes an extraordinary ground for growth, fulfilment and phenomenal achievement. She supports leaders in crafting and bringing to life extraordinary work cultures.

How will you benefit?

  • Dissect what makes a great leader, and form a vision for your leadership

  • Gain self-knowledge on your areas of strength and learn to read the impact you have on others

  • Explore how employee engagement works and what your employees need most from you

  • Gain insights into how employee development happens and can be accelerated

  • Understand how company cultures develop and how you can impact culture in a meaningful way

  • Strengthen your people and conflict management skills, and experiment with new practical leadership tools immediately

About Alice

Founder of The Art of Leadership Studio, a leadership development consultancy that works with leaders one-on-one to innovate the way they lead, solidify their people management skills and craft extraordinary employee experiences for their teams, Alice Lopin has 19 years of experience in the Tech and Luxury retail industries, recently holding senior leadership positions at Apple for six years where she opened Apple Stores in Asia and lead teams of several hundreds of employees. Having lived in eight countries, she has deep practice in leading multi-cultural teams, in corporate and entrepreneurial environments. 

Mother of four, Alice holds a Masters in Business from HEC Paris, a Masters in Law from Paris-II University and Certificate in Buddhist Studies from Harvard. She is certified in Situational Leadership and MBTI.