Paolo Tavolato

Leadership Coach

Paolo Tavolato started his career 25 years ago in the manufacturing sector first and then moved into the professional service industry. That’s when he realized maximizing people’s potential was the key for success in an industry where human capital is the only real asset. In order to become a more effective leader he became a certified coach from CMA.

Paolo helps his senior team and a very limited number of external clients to identify the challenges limiting their personal satisfaction and effectiveness. His coaching aims to:

  • Maximize the leadership effectiveness of his team / clients

  • Improve the speed and effectiveness of decisions

  • Improve the wellbeing of his team / clients

Paolo supports his team / clients through a blend of traditional coaching / mentoring activities complemented by meditation, physical activity, and suggestions on sleep and nutrition.

About Paolo

Paolo is currently the APAC CEO of TMF-Group, the leading global provider of critical compliance and administrative services. With around 10,000 professionals around the world TMF-Group is a pure people business.

Paolo holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the London Business School. He is 6 sigma black belt certified.