Executive Coach

Jason Lai

Jason Lai, an ICF Associate Certified Coach, is from a new generation of executive coaches that brings a wealth of experience from life and work outside of the standard corporate arena to coaching. For over 25 years he has led international teams from the podium and demonstrated the power of adaptive leadership, inspired collaborative teamwork guided by active listening, and helped teams find resilience under difficult conditions.

Jason runs leadership training through his Conducting Leadership workshop and Conducting Performance programme, drawing parallels between the CEO and conductor. He guides his clients to relate to themselves and others with clarity and strength, inspiring depth and authenticity in them. By deepening the connection to the self through interior work, executives discover that their exterior life and work becomes ever more fulfilling and resonant with possibility.

Jason offers coaching in three ways:

  • Developmental Coaching – changing your beliefs and the framework of personality that governs disabling thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

  • Leadership Coaching – developing your unique voice and flavour of leadership, inspiring partners to build more productive relationships.

  • Presentation Coaching – improving the verbal, vocal, visual you, building the confidence to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, and overcoming fears associated with public speaking.

About Jason

Leading and communicating with passion are trademarks of conductor Jason Lai. Whether he is on the podium, presenting on TV, or delivering a keynote from the stage he brings authenticity and presence to his work. He has coached a wide range of executives from many sectors, helping them to develop the skills of self awareness and enabling them to build more successful relationships in life and work.

Jason moved to Singapore from the UK a decade ago and now spends time living and working in Asia but is also closely connected to Hong Kong where his family is from. As a TV presenter he has worked on projects for a number of networks including the BBC and BBC World News, and as a speaker he has given several TEDx talks and keynotes in and around Asia through London Speaker Bureau.