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When we said holistic, we meant it

At The Office Ltd, we are committed not only to the corporates and individuals we serve, but also to the community in which we operate and thrive. And we approach our social causes with the same energy and perseverance we embody in our business.   

While diversity & inclusion is being (re)-visited by corporations globally, we, the executive team at The Office Ltd, have exemplified fair practices throughout the tenure of our careers. As such, we are committed to the creation of inclusive hiring and business practices that view people for their skills and humanity above all else. 

One cause that The Office Ltd is committed to is the upcoming Gay Games, taking place in Hong Kong in November, 2023. First time in Asia, it is an exciting opportunity for our city to showcase participants’ talents and skills in the most inclusive way possible. 

Whether you’re a corporate or an individual, if you’re interested in volunteering for the Gay Games, but not sure where to start, please contact Rachel Ta at The Office Ltd.

If you’re an NGO and would like to partner with us on a different cause, please contact us for a discussion. We’re excited to hear from you! 

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