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Rachel Ta

Managing Director and Founder

Rachel Ta is a dynamic developer of corporate leaders whose unique approach to executive search goes far beyond simply finding the right candidate for a position. By giving the new hire access to coaching and development support and staying attuned to the placement as it develops, Rachel ensures a successful integration that is more likely to develop to its full potential sooner.

Rachel began her career recruiting C-suite and senior management positions in large and small corporates in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, retail and commercial across the Asia Pacific. Her acute understanding of “what makes a successful placement” led her to pioneer a new approach to recruiting that devotes equal energies after a placement, as before, in order to ensure effective leadership right at the start.

The Office, the boutique search firm founded by Rachel, continues to execute a wide variety of traditional executive searches, while building an ecosystem of industry experts, corporate coaches, and development professionals who support candidates as they grow to become more effective leaders. The ultimate beneficiaries include the corporates themselves, as evidenced by the long list of global brand names who are The Office’s repeat clients, as well as the candidates who enthusiastically vouch for the boutique approach.

Rachel was born in Vietnam and moved to France at an early age. Following her education, she made her way to Hong Kong where she gained commercial experience before finding her niche in the search business. Having built accounts and businesses for Michael Page and Derwent, she now returns to her true calling, which is people development.

On the side, she is an avid tennis player, swimmer, cellist and practitioner of intermittent fasting. She is thrilled that she continues to find, every day, new ways to discover and unleash human potential in the people she meets and interacts with.