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While recruitment can be learned, we tap into our collective 30+ years’ experience and intuitive abilities to create an optimally synergistic match. It is our nuanced understanding of human behaviour that has led us to develop and place leaders who have thrived in their roles while maintaining a close alignment with corporate values and culture, and led our clients to realize their vision. 


Our unique search process starts even before the roles have materialized. Focused on developing a pipeline of leaders, we engage with our network through a series of coaching engagements, mentorship and personal development programs. Our potential candidates are forward-thinking business leaders who not only understand the importance of reinvention, but also challenge themselves to create clarity of values and career goals, preparing themselves to engage with potential employers strategically and mindfully.


What People Say

I've had the pleasure to partner with The Office on several strategic searches, including key positions in various areas such as Retail, Digital and Finance & Operations. All leadership roles with regional scope. 

I've particularly appreciated the level of engagement from the beginning until the end of the search, the quality of listening and level of understanding of our business needs. Also the open-mindedness to be able to come up with creative ideas of profiles which has broaden the perspectives and allowed us to tap into another level of candidates. 

We also share the same philosophy about people development and how to accompany every talent in their journey. This helps move on together but most importantly offer a great experience to the candidates. 

I'd be happy to recommend The Office as a professional and unique partner. 

Jonathan Taylor
Human Resources Director Asia Pacific 

We partner with The Office on a search for a senior executive position for the region. It was a new position, and a lot of input was required in aligning on the kind of profile we wanted to target as well as the key experiences the candidates needed to have had. From the beginning the search was a partnership, as we had not worked with The Office before; they took time to not just understand our business and organization but more importantly our values and culture, to ensure we could quickly focused on the right profiles to consider. 

The process was very much interactive, with a debrief after each candidate to ensure we better refined our criteria. What I also really appreciated was that we challenged ourselves in the kind of industries and profiles we looked at, ensuring we took diverse and "out of the box" approach to assessing potential talent. 

Horace Ma
Global Head of Human Resources

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Working and collaborating with The Office has always been an enjoyable and productive experience. What sets them apart is their capacity to value the relationship with their stakeholders, no matter a client or a candidate. Beyond being skillfull executive recruiters, I am always impressed by how they engage with the talents, their ability to think outside the box, to listen greatly to the needs as customer or candidate, and to make recommendation without blindly adopting a cookie-cutter approach. 

I am immensely impressed by The Office's authentic and innovative approach to executive search. Their initiative to incorporate top class coaching into the service package ensures clients and candidates get the best possible outcomes in terms of integration and performance in the new setting. 

I fully trust Rachel & Daniel's professionalism and integrity, and value their genuine desire in building meaningful and long term relationships. 

Catherine Lim
Human Resources & Organization Director Asia

I have found The Office professional and knowledgeable during the search and candidates mapping. 

Finding a head-hunter who understands our company's culture and able to map the right candidate profile is always challenging but The Office has made it easy for us. 

It is not just business relationship; they genuinely cate about the success and development of our candidates they have placed. They are always willing to invest to reach the best fit and they aim to the success for all parties. 

Sandrine Woirnesson
Chief Financial Officer


I have known Rachel for years and I totally trust her - and Daniel's - ability to find the right candidate for me whenever I need as well as helping me find opportunities if the time has come. 

I'm very impressed by the way they accompany new candidates in their jobs through skilled coaches. It's a real plus and an additional guarantee of success. As well, I love the way they both are in for the long run and keep a good relationship with their clients and candidates. 

I definitely recommend working with Rachel and Daniel; satisfaction guaranteed. 

Mel Leow
MCC Global Leadership

The first time I was introduced to Rachel and Daniel, I found it invigorating that a boutique search firm would be keen to develop the C-suite leaders holistically. I have been an Executive Coach for 16 years, and I have never seen this before. 

Our corporate eco-system today is crying out for a hand to rebuild trust, connectivity and objective professional support to those who are ready to take a stake on their own growth and advancement. 

The Office's innovative approach to strike alliances with Human Potential igniters (Coaches, Mentors and Facilitators alike), exemplifies the truth nature of partnership, built on mutual respect and appreciation of each expert's area of mastery. 

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